befriending: (Yeah‚ I'm still ten years old...)
Ash Ketchum ([personal profile] befriending) wrote in [community profile] eika 2012-02-13 11:35 pm (UTC)

[ Ash knew what Valentine's Day was, of course. It was the day when Brock ogled over girls, even more than usual. He loved offering flowers and chocolate and all that kind of stuff. But... what exactly was the point of all of it?

It was confusing, to tell the truth. But then again, when did Ash Ketchum ever understood the basic concept of love? The answer to that question was obvious, especially to those who knew him.

But today was the day before Valentine's Day; the day when everyone made chocolate. Of course, he had planned to meet up with Rika today early on - he even gave her a pinky promise - but he was never an early riser. Pikachu even had to shock him just to wake him up.

And now he's on his way, late as usual, trying to get to their meeting place on time. Or at least, not too late. ]

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