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Closed ◆ Remember the days we spent together

[ Ah today was a day like no other.

It was the perfect day to make chocolate, especially for certain people.

However it was also a day to try learning how to cook. ]
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[ Ash was out of breath when he got to the destination. Of course, Pikachu looked quite disappointed – he did the same thing on the first day he became a Pokemon trainer. However, he does manage to wave to Rika when he sees her, cup his hands around his mouth and shout from the top of his lungs: ]

Heeeeey! I’m here! Sorry I’m late!
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[ Ash laughs sheepishly, scratching the side of his cheek. ] Sorry, sorry. I woke up late and Pikachu had'ta electrify me so I could... y'know, jolt up.

[ Ash, no. You should just... stop with the horrible electric-type puns. ] But I'm here now, and I'm ready to do an iron tail while smilin'!

... Er, if I knew how to do that move. Or make chocolate.
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Yeah! [He nods in enthusiasm, grinning.] I just hope we don't mess up.