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Saber (extra) ([personal profile] umu) wrote in [community profile] eika 2012-05-31 12:20 am (UTC)

forgive me if I'm a bit rusty but I try~

[Of course she was expecting something like this. She was subtracting time from her day just to take him under her wing and teach him her artistic ways, so it was only natural he repaid her for her generosity. Saber wasn't one to decline, either--after all, enjoyment and festivities served to shape a person and denying such pleasures turned one dull.

Saber wasn't one to keep anyone waiting. She arrived at the appointed time, walking at a brisk pace up to her student. Yet...she seemed somehow different from usual. Instead of her typical clothes, she proudly wore a yukata because she'd been told that was the local festival garb, and smiled confidently as she greeted him.]

I see you are punctual, my young disciple. Then, let us not waste daylight. The festivities await!

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