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Saber (extra) ([personal profile] umu) wrote in [community profile] eika 2012-06-17 06:57 pm (UTC)

It seems we have both been bested by the fish.

[A smirk rises to her face.]

But the battle is not yet over! A winner has yet to be determined.

[Not one to be defeated by such a quick loss, Saber snatches up a new paper net and leans over the tank, eyeing the fish. She makes a swipe, but misses. She then tries again, successfully catches the fish, but it falls through again.

On her next try, she successfully catches the fish--and it doesn't fall through!]

Umu! What at first seems impossible can be overcome. What a fine challenge this is! Come, my young apprentice, don't dare fall behind!

[Aaand she goes in to try and catch another, having the mindset that they're competing for number rather than one victory. Better join in, too, Keiichi, before she tries to catch them all!]

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