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Closed ◆ I can still recall our last summer

[ It was finally the night of the festival.

The young boy was ecstatic to finally spend some time outside the workshop with his teacher. He was surprised that she actually said yes, but was excited to no end.

When Keiichi first told his father about accidentally becoming an apprentice to the all-famous, Saber, he was flabbergasted to say the least. Although after a few minutes he cried out in joy, proud that his son was going in his father's footsteps and inheriting the 'artistic sense' as he called it.

He'll glance at his watch and smile. The time to meet was at hand. With flowers in his hand, he was hoping that she'll accept them. ]

Well it's almost time.

Nyehehe, if all goes well, this can be my big chance~!
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[She's sexy and she knows it accepted the flowers as if such a thing was natural, because...well, given who she is, receiving gifts from her people was common. It was no different getting them from her grateful pupil.]

Ah, they're lovely flora befitting of my image. It must have taken careful consideration for you to find such a worthy flower--your artistic eye is improving even as we speak.

[She's complimenting you here, Keiichi. She nods to herself, then gazes at him approvingly.]

Umu! I shall have to treat you to a reward.
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[She nodded.]

Yes, a reward. It will be bestowed upon you in due time.

[That is to say, when she finds something appropriate to give him.]

Now, tell me more about this festival we're to attend, my pupil. I charge you with the duty of properly acquainting me with this culture. I trust you will not disappoint.

[She turned towards him with her hands on her hips, looking expectant.]
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I see, I see... This "Watanagashi" festival sounds enjoyable. I'd like to partake in this alleged cleansing of the mind.

[God knew she needed to cleanse all of her past sins.She nodded, then held a hand to her chin thoughtfully as she mulled over the information. ]

...Ah. Dance, you say? Umu, the center of any festival involves the beauty of dancing and could not much be called a festival without it! We must go to see this at once! Especially if a friend of yours is participating.

[Yes. The ritual dance clearly piqued her interest. Especially if it involved beautiful girls or beautiful boys! Saber's expectations are high here, Keiichi, so it would do you well not to let her down! She couldn't wait for directions--she set off on her own, fully expecting Keiichi to follow behind as she sought her destination.]
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[Her smile dropped into a frown as she stopped in her tracks. Another hour? How dare an empress like herself be kept waiting for such a heinous amount of time! She's about to complain, but--


Ah. Did he say challenge? She turned to face him with a mischievous smiles as she held her arm out in a flourish.]

In that case, my young apprentice, you shall further prove your worth to me through these challenges. No, to be more precise--I challenge you. If I find you to be inadequate in any way, you may find yourself demoted from apprentice to servant!

[There's no challenge without some stakes. However, she's of the mind that she'll end as the victor either way.]
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[And that bad feeling is thoroughly justified. This is the woman, however tiny she may be, who strangled a lion barehanded in the past. a full-grown lion. No tiny festival challenge is a match for her.]

Umu! The challenge has been set. I wish you the best of luck, my apprentice. You surely need it~.

[She gives a smirk before charging off into the festival, towards a most crowded area. Like she's a queen--or rather, an empress--she pushes through to the front to see what the fuss is about...and spots a booth with those swimming goldfish that you have to catch in those paper nets.]
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[It's a good thing she was out of ear shot when you mentioned that, Keiichi. But who knows, perhaps she will make your defeat quite difficult after all is said and done! Don't rest easy just yet!]

What exactly is meant to be done here, my disciple?

[Saber intently watches the small fish as they swim around below.]

Bare-handed fishing? Why, they appear far too small for anything but to pluck them from the water with our fingertips!
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I see. So, it is to be handled delicately.

Umu! I will take the lead with this challenge, my young apprentice.

[Saber takes the small scoop and leans over the fish tank, looking almost comically concentrated for the task at hand. She carefully chooses her prey, arm raised, and once it's near enough to the surface, she strikes!]


[The fish is caught! At least, that's how it seems at first. Only for the first second, it's suspended over the paper paddle. Then, its weight causes the material to rip as it falls through, plopping back into the water.]
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[Saber remains motionless, almost awed by her sudden defeat.]
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It seems we have both been bested by the fish.

[A smirk rises to her face.]

But the battle is not yet over! A winner has yet to be determined.

[Not one to be defeated by such a quick loss, Saber snatches up a new paper net and leans over the tank, eyeing the fish. She makes a swipe, but misses. She then tries again, successfully catches the fish, but it falls through again.

On her next try, she successfully catches the fish--and it doesn't fall through!]

Umu! What at first seems impossible can be overcome. What a fine challenge this is! Come, my young apprentice, don't dare fall behind!

[Aaand she goes in to try and catch another, having the mindset that they're competing for number rather than one victory. Better join in, too, Keiichi, before she tries to catch them all!]
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That's the spirit! Show the world your passion!

[The presence of a growing crowd only spurs her on further. a growing pile of broken paddles accumulates beside her while the number of fish she catches are barely bagged in time by the person manning the booth. Those, too, are slowly growing in number on her other side. The score so far is:



Saber decides to add fuel to the fire. She speaks to the crowd.]

Today certainly is fortunate! All of you, my loyal observers, shall be gifted one fish each at this competition's end.

Disappoint no one, apprentice!
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[And Saber successfully captures 2...3...4 more fish while you're floundering around, Keiichi! Fear not, there are plenty in the pool. It looks like Saber's discovered the paper paddles work even when they're half torn. And she's decided to show off a little at that.]

The hopes and dreams of the children in the crowd rest upon your shoulders, my disciple. Do not let the fish gain the upper hand.

I would also be severely unhappy to find that a hand-chosen apprentice of mine is incapable of catching a single fish, after all.
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Well spoken!

[A broad grin stretches over Saber's face. It seems he's finally understood! She couldn't have said it better herself.

The number of fish in the tank quickly begins to dwindle, and soon, only one fish remains, skittering through the water nervously and rapidly in a valiant attempt to avoid either one of their paddles. From the looks of the bagged fish on either of their sides, the number is tied.]

It seems that our challenge is nearing its finale, my young apprentice. The winner shall be determined with the capture of this fish. Make me proud and don't hold back!

[That said, she lunges for the fish to try and secure that victory for herself.]
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[Noticing the situation, Saber draws back and holds her arm up to shield herself from the great splash that resulted from Keiichi's fall. Naturally, she's very vain about her appearance, and since she's wearing such an extravagant yukata, she doesn't want it to be completely ruined. But because of this, she ended up dropping her paddle into the pool and lost her chance at capturing the fish.]

...Hoh, well, [she huffs in slight irritation,] I suppose throwing yourself in with heart and soul is one way to obtain certain victory.
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[Her stern look shifts to a smile. A proud smile.]

Umu! You need not apologize, my apprentice. It appears the winner has been decided, in any case.

[She points to Keiichi's head, where the fish is flopping around, nearly tangled in his wet hair.]