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Closed ◆ I can still recall our last summer

[ It was finally the night of the festival.

The young boy was ecstatic to finally spend some time outside the workshop with his teacher. He was surprised that she actually said yes, but was excited to no end.

When Keiichi first told his father about accidentally becoming an apprentice to the all-famous, Saber, he was flabbergasted to say the least. Although after a few minutes he cried out in joy, proud that his son was going in his father's footsteps and inheriting the 'artistic sense' as he called it.

He'll glance at his watch and smile. The time to meet was at hand. With flowers in his hand, he was hoping that she'll accept them. ]

Well it's almost time.

Nyehehe, if all goes well, this can be my big chance~!
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I see. So, it is to be handled delicately.

Umu! I will take the lead with this challenge, my young apprentice.

[Saber takes the small scoop and leans over the fish tank, looking almost comically concentrated for the task at hand. She carefully chooses her prey, arm raised, and once it's near enough to the surface, she strikes!]


[The fish is caught! At least, that's how it seems at first. Only for the first second, it's suspended over the paper paddle. Then, its weight causes the material to rip as it falls through, plopping back into the water.]