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Closed ◆ I can still recall our last summer

[ It was finally the night of the festival.

The young boy was ecstatic to finally spend some time outside the workshop with his teacher. He was surprised that she actually said yes, but was excited to no end.

When Keiichi first told his father about accidentally becoming an apprentice to the all-famous, Saber, he was flabbergasted to say the least. Although after a few minutes he cried out in joy, proud that his son was going in his father's footsteps and inheriting the 'artistic sense' as he called it.

He'll glance at his watch and smile. The time to meet was at hand. With flowers in his hand, he was hoping that she'll accept them. ]

Well it's almost time.

Nyehehe, if all goes well, this can be my big chance~!
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[Of course she was expecting something like this. She was subtracting time from her day just to take him under her wing and teach him her artistic ways, so it was only natural he repaid her for her generosity. Saber wasn't one to decline, either--after all, enjoyment and festivities served to shape a person and denying such pleasures turned one dull.

Saber wasn't one to keep anyone waiting. She arrived at the appointed time, walking at a brisk pace up to her student. Yet...she seemed somehow different from usual. Instead of her typical clothes, she proudly wore a yukata because she'd been told that was the local festival garb, and smiled confidently as she greeted him.]

I see you are punctual, my young disciple. Then, let us not waste daylight. The festivities await!