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Closed ◆ Everywhere I turn I'm finding something new

[ She was running. She didn't know where, but she was running. There must be some way out of this 'peaceful' town.

This wasn't Hinamizawa.

This wasn't the town she grew up in for the past hundred or so years.

Just where was this?

She was lost ]
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[ There's suddenly a boy running beside Rika, keeping pace with her. He gives her a friendly smile. ]

「Hey, where are you going? Is something the matter?」
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「Hmm, this place? Not a clue!」

[ Kumagawa takes a close at her now that she's stopped moving. ]

「You're a very cute girl.」
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「We're both in the same situation, it seems, so why don't you go out with me then?」

[ Of course, Kumagawa comes up with the best solutions. ]
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[ He tilts his head in thought. That's an interesting point. ]

「Do you think it's too bold? When it comes to love, you can't be too timid.」
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「Oh no, are you rejecting me? I don't know how my pure, young heart will be able to take it!」
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[ Kumagawa spontaneously spews tears everywhere. ]

「A pat on the head from a cute girl! I could just die right now!」
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[ He wipes away his tears and regains his composure. It's about time to start being serious. ]

「So we're both lost here, right?」
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「It's pretty rude to summon someone and just leave them, if that's the case. But hey, no one's that mean. I'm sure it must be a stroke of bad luck for both of us.」
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[ Kumagawa's interest is piqued now. Rika's used to bad luck, eh? ]

「You're someone who has a lot of bad luck? How terrific, looks like we really are on the same side! You see, I, Misogi Kumagawa, am on the side of the losers!」

「No matter how hopeless the situation, we'll prove that bad luck can't control us!」
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「A friend of yours? I'm so flattered! A friend of someone like you must be such a terrific human!」