inb4gar: (Buwah?)
Shirou Emiya ([personal profile] inb4gar) wrote in [community profile] eika 2012-09-09 06:36 am (UTC)

Dropping this guy here. I should have asked who you wanted me to thread with aha... COME AT ME, BRO.

[It doesn't matter who it is, where he is, or what is going on. First thing in the Emiya residence as long as Shirou is around is at least tend to the guest first with the most Emiya-est awesome meal ever. So once he comes out with a dish that only Saber can dream of eating it whole with some warm tea ready, Shirou will place all the needed dining ware and utensils right in front of his guest at the dining table before sitting down himself.]

Right then... just so we're on the page one more time. What exactly is it that you're asking of me here?

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