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Kidokoro Seiichi ([personal profile] selfrestrained) wrote in [community profile] eika 2014-01-28 11:08 pm (UTC)


((USING THE RANDOM SCENARIO MEME and I rolled ACTION/TRAINING! I don't really have any info sheets on my dude (I should get on this) but basically he is a red ranger from a sentai world... (don't let his lack of color fool you!) ))

[SO, it is a nice spring day with lovely weather, so clearly it's a great day to be out at the park. Couples are out on picnics, kids are having a blast in the playground, people are walking their dogs... and then there's this guy who is duking it out with a tree. It seems a little weird at first, but that's just the warm-up. Next up, he's hanging several targets from the limbs, and he quickly draws some throwing knives which (thankfully) do hit the targets, though they send them swaying and he continues this practice regardless. It seems kind of dangerous, actually. Should he be doing this here??]

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