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[There was a strange group of tourists for the festival this time around. A group of high school girls from the big city. A sort of large study group sort of thing, or at least that's what the chaperon says. All the girls seemed eager enough for the festival--even if a few seemed a little estranged from the main group. They even decided to compete against the Club in some of the games, even if they all lost miserably (much to their dismay).

It was a good night. That is, until the next morning. One of the girls, Akae, was missing and not long she was found on the outskirts of the village partially eaten by what was assumed to be a wild animal. She wasn't the last one, either. Another victim was found not long after that--another one of the school girls.

That was about three days ago. The group hasn't left the area yet, the chaperon deeming it unsafe to leave until the beast was caught. It was in this sort of atmosphere that Ginkko was wandering down one of the streets of Hinamizawa. She and Lulu had sneaked out of the house they were being sheltered in.

They knew someone else had sneaked out. They just had to find her. Lulu had went one way and Ginko went another. That was when she heard the bike. Turning--]

Who? [She knows that boy. He had been at the festival.] You're...Maebara, right? You probably shouldn't be out here this late.

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