magicianofwords: (✩ {Think} what move shall I make)
maebara keiichi 「前原 圭一 」 ([personal profile] magicianofwords) wrote in [community profile] eika 2015-04-26 10:49 am (UTC)


[ It wasn't everyday that Keiichi was out shopping, his parents decided to leave on a business trip leaving him alone for a few days. He was bored and thought some fresh air would do him good.

He stopped at this certain booth filled with keychains and wondered if he should get some for the gang. Though his parents were gone so there was that. Well if anything he could his stash of cup ramen in the cabinet. The boy shrugged his conscience away and purchased them. ]

Alright, now I gotta find the perfect time to--ahhh!

[ Keiichi dropped the bag from his hands in shock, he quickly picked it up and turned to see a familiar person. ]

O-Oh it's just you Rika-chan. Don't scare me like that.

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