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✦ Call Me Out 5.0

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.


feel free to ask for other muses and I'll see what I can do~

refer to the list above for active muses.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.

meme code.

Shouta {Pokemon XYZ}, Mirror Satoshi {Pokemon XYZ}, Natsuki Subaru {Re:Zero}, Kotarou Tennouji {Rewrite}, Otobe Akira, and Satoko Houjou{Higurashi}
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[ In all of his lives, he's probably never met a girl like Furude Rika. Of course, he's probably never met another person who was whisked away from Japan to join him in another world, hence why the small girl looks so frantic as she pulls her hands to her chest, calling out a name.

It doesn't seem to be familiar, but it's definitely strange. ]

--yuu! Hanyuu! Where are you?!

[ Of course she's yelling this in a rather secluded area in the capital. She would never do this in front of other people. Or at least, in front of people if she notices. ]

Tch. How annoying. It seems this Fragment must be the same as that dream I had -- something must be keeping her out.
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let's do this bro

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[ It wasn't wise for Subaru to wander away from Rem while they were out shopping, but he just want some time to gather his thoughts. Just standing there, waiting for her return just made him more anxious. He'll apologize to Rem later, but right now Subaru wanted to move forward. ]

Man what am I doing? I should be with Emilia-tan right now. She needs me by her side, I'm the only one who can protect her.

[ Though she rejected him. He really wanted to tell her about what's been going on, he really did. Subaru stared down at his chest, still wondering about the thing that silenced him from uttering the truth. ]

If only I could tell someone, it would really help a whooole lot.

[ He'll let out a light defeated chuckle, before hearing the faint screams of a name? What was that? Subaru darted over towards the source of the voice surprised to see a tiny girl? The boy blinks. ]

Hmm. What's a little girl doing here...?

Hey! It's dangerous to be out here alone, you lost?

[ Not like he's one to talk. ]
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[ That isn't a familiar face at all in the slightest and it's enough to put her on guard, just a little. What kind of Fragment is this, to already have one unfamiliar face? Was this even Hinamizawa? Too many questions ran through her mind before she finally managed: ]

Mii. I was trying to get home, sir... [ But apparently she got lost. She's sticking with that as her story. ]
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[ He waves his arms over to her before she responded. ]

Ahh, well it's pretty dangerous to be in this part of the captol-- not like I have any experience with that or anything.

[ Subaru let out a nervous laugh. Those thugs could possibly be near them. ]

You can count on this Natsuki Subaru to help you though.

[ Better than walking around aimlessly though. ]
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[ Her eyes widen out of shock before she finds herself clenching her hand into a fist, frustrated. ]

What do you mean by that?
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Well, there are suspicious people looming about wanting to take all of your valuables even though you only have a cup of ramen and chips.

--Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people.

[ He'll wave his arms in protest. ]

Not even sure I count as a main character at this point-- reading manga and playing games isn't really a good reference.

I mean, don't mind that. I'm willing to help you little miss~!
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It's kind of sad, sir, that you only have cup ramen and chips. That's unhealthy for you, you know.
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[ Being lectured by his little girl wow. That hurt. ]

W-Well if I knew I was being whisked away to this place I would have bought more things from the store! Like maybe a knife or something. I don't know.

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If you brought a knife to another world, I think people would think you were dangerous.
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But at least I'd have something to defend myself with!

People carry knives all the time here... at least it seems like it.
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I see. It looks like I should be careful, then. Nipa~
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[Athrun was injured on the job. It was nothing major, and it wasn't in combat, either. Just something not up to safety standards that resulted in Athrun getting a broken leg.

Fortunately, with medical technology what it is, Athrun's bone should be fully mended in just one week. As long as he keeps the cast and tube on his leg. Unfortunately, that limits what he can do.

Luckily, Athrun had a girlfriend ready and willing to help. He invited Rena over to his house to give him a hand.

He's currently sitting in bed at the moment, typing away on his laptop. The door to his bedroom is wide open.]
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[Asemu stops at the front of Asuna's house, as planned. He gets out of his car, grabs the bouquet of flowers out of the passenger's seat, and walks up to the door.

He's expected. Tonight he's supposed to spend the evening with Asuna at her house. Is he nervous? Of course. But this is something he both wants to do and feels is an important step forward.

His stomach in knots, Asemu rings the doorbell.]
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[There's been a malfunction. Due to a problem with Mikuru's time travel device, she got sent to an alternate universe, and not a very safe-looking one. Though there were lots of construction projects going on around the city she found herself in, there were still many buildings that looked like they had been through a sustained bombing campaign.

Meanwhile, Trunks had left home to go grocery shopping for himself and his mother. He's on his way home, bags hanging from his hands and forearms, when he spots a girl who appears close to his age who looks out of it. Never one to pass up a person in need, he approaches her.]

Uh, excuse me! Hey! Are you all right? You look lost.
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give me the small green child

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[ with the rebuilding of miare city underway with professor platane at the forefront, knowing that things are under control has given daigo the freedom to pursue something that's been nagging at the back of his mind. the defeat of the megalith zygarde certainly didn't mean its ultimate destruction - with something that holds that much energy, it had to still be somewhere.

but with energy readings fairly silent, even the devon corporation's technology can't track its whereabouts. that leaves daigo with only one option - to head back to the ruins in hoenn that were the source of all of this. he hadn't been able to explore them fully before alan and fleur-de-lys intervened - there could be a hint there as to what the megalith's pattern might be.

conversely, with alan wanting to settle back at the professor's lab and manon wanting to go back to her journey, that leaves him without company. while that normally wouldn't be too much of a problem, he's noticed that shouta doesn't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. with conformation of that to be true, there's hardly hesitance in asking him to help out with the search - he can use all the help he can get, especially from trainers that have mastered mega evolution.

that brings them to now, in daigo's private jet en route to kanazumi city. it's a long flight, which gives them plenty of time to catch up. sitting in the seat opposite shouta's, he crosses his legs comfortably and folds his hands. ]

It's been a while since we've been able to sit down and speak, hasn't it? [ his smile is small; polite, but genuine. ] I wanted to congratulate you on making it to the Kalos League semifinals. I can see that my belief in your potential was not misplaced!
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[ Seeing Satoshi before leaving with the champion felt satisfying. After the league, Shouta was worried for the city's destruction. He lent a hand and did all he could to protect the citizens. Seeing Satoshi and the others fighting on the screen made him even more motivated but also more worried.

At least they promised to battle in the future. Shouta kept the notebook close to him, he couldn't wait to learn more and gain exp. Being with Daigo would give him just that. Though it also made him a bit nervous, just being near him.

He blinked from his thoughts to glance at the other. ]

Ah, yes it has!

It's all thanks to the advice you gave me when we first met, I really appreciate it even now!

[ He takes out the notebook with a big smile at all the exp he had already gained. ]

I feel even more honored that you chose me to accompany you.
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[ it's difficult for him not to eye the key stone attached to the bookmark in his notebook - it's the very same one he had given him when they crossed paths before the miare conference. he hasn't been able to see it in action yet, but he has no doubts that shouta is putting it to good use. ]

You're very welcome, but I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. The unbreakable bond that you alone fostered with you Jukain, along with the hard work and passion you put into training with your Pokémon - that is what ultimately brought you to where you stand today. I just helped you along a little.

[ that's a part of his job as champion, after all. he enjoys being able to inspire trainers and reward them for their efforts. ]

And I'm glad to have you along. I have no doubt that we'll both be able to contribute to unravelling this mystery.
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Ehh you think so?

[ Shouta drops almost drops his notebook, but catches it in time. ]

I still feel like I have a long way to go though. Battling with Satoshi really helped me a lot. I want to gain more exp and learn more.
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Absolutely. Recognizing that is the first step to becoming stronger. I think you're well on your way.

[ that's cute. he's used to seeing fans and admirers react in similar ways, but there's something about shouta that he's a little more fond of.

there's a thoughtful pause from him. ]

Though I feel like I should ask... seeing as we're returning to Hoenn, do you have any plans on challenging the League there?